• O2COOL Acquires Better Things

    The Better Things' product line diversifies O2COOL's assortment and enhances its portfolio of summer season items.  Better Things is best known for Boca Clips®, a popular line of beach towel clips that come in over 50 styles.

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  • Take O2COOL to the Game

    O2COOL's Deluxe Misting Fan is perfect for keeping you cool on your next outing. A mist of cool water followed by the strong breeze from the fan helps to lower your body temperature.

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  • Stay Cool Off the Field

    O2COOL's Mist 'N Sip® drinking bottles add cool to hydration. Our patented misting feature provides a mist of water to cool you on the outside while you stay hydrated on the inside.

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  • Cool by Design™

    O2COOL's new fan design not only looks good but will keep you cool as well. It offers an optional USB power port to power your mobile devices while you stay cool on the go or just relaxing at home.

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  • Beat the Heat

    O2COOL's Arcticloth® Cooling Towels bring relief from the heat and protection from the sun. Simply wet and place around your neck to experience an instant cooling effect.

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  • Take O2COOL on Your Next Hike

    O2COOL's Mist 'n Sip® Hydration Backpacks bring a new twist to a proven hydration solution... a mist of cool water. The mist will help to lower your body temperature as you hydrate.

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  • Tumblers that Can Leave the Table

    O2COOL's insulated tumblers offer both fashion and portability. The tumblers come in a variety of styles and colors and offer features such as freezer gel to keep your drinks cooler longer.

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About Us

O2COOL Brings Innovation to Staying Cool

Founded in 1992 with the purpose of bringing portable cooling to the marketplace, O2COOL has developed many patented and proprietary products to keep you cool and looking good. We are the industry leader in battery-operated fans, misting fans and drinking bottles that can mist to cool you while you hydrate. Look for our products at your favorite retailer to stay cool wherever you go.

O2COOL offers a full line of cooling solutions including handheld misting fansbattery-operated and rechargeable fanspersonal fans, drinking and misting bottles, hydration backpacks, insulated tumblers and more.

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